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If you thought getting in shape and feeling great had to be difficult and boring, then you haven't visited South Sound Karate and Martial Arts of Lacey!

We transform lives every single day, and we want you to be next. Our amazing martial arts classes are designed with you in mind, and our students can't get enough of the personalized attention we offer. Whether your goal is to lose weight and get in shape, or you want to learn the latest in self-defense techniques, South Sound Karate and Martial Arts of Lacey offers it all!

Working Out Has Never Been This Much Fun

When you attend our classes, you get more than just a great workout - you get a great workout in a high-energy environment that has been specifically designed to offer professional support and fun! Why bother going to a boring gym when you can have a blast with our instructors? Each class is designed to motivate you to be your best, and our instructors won't stop until you get the body you desire. We begin each class with proper stretching and aerobics instruction, and then we jump right into fast-paced, expert martial arts, all taught by the best instructors anywhere!

Learn the Secrets of Self Defense

No matter what you've seen in the movies or on T.V., martial arts is about more than just running around, punching and kicking things. The real secrets to martial arts involve carefully selected movements and counter-movements, balance, leverage and more, all of which come together in a total self-defense package. We teach each of our students the proper ways to use these techniques, and we can teach you too. No matter what your age or fitness level is, our expert instructors can design a plan that will allow you to learn proven methods of self-defense in way that's easy and fun. We offer classes for men and women, and each student is placed in a group of their peers for more effective learning.

We Don't Stop There

At South Sound Karate and Martial Arts of Lacey, we don't stop at offering a great workout and teaching valuable self-defense skills - we develop each student as a complete person. This means that we take the time to encourage growth in the heart, the mind and the spirit. Our students develop self-esteem, they learn self-discipline and self-control and each student is given the opportunity to experience their own personal growth. We understand that martial arts is about much more than just the physical aspect, so our classes also focus on pushing our students to excel in all facets of life, including in relationships, families, friendships and work relationships.

Get Active and Get Involved

In addition to our awesome classes and life-changing instructors, we also offer our students the chance to participate in fun contests and challenges, special events and more. We like to think of South Sound Karate and Martial Arts of Lacey as more than a martial arts facility - it's a family. We regularly offer movie nights, buddy nights, holiday and birthday parties and special celebrations of all kinds, and our students are encouraged to attend these functions, make new friends and enjoy growing with our martial arts family.

Why Wait? Call Now!

With all of the amazing benefits of enrollment, why wouldn't you want to join us here at South Sound Karate and Martial Arts of Lacey?! Give us a call right now at 360-459-8333 to find out how you can join in on the fun! When you call, be sure to ask about our free trial offer. This is a no-risk, no-obligation opportunity for new students, and we offer it so that we can show you all of the amazing benefits of being a student at South Sound Karate and Martial Arts of Lacey. After you take a free class with us, we're sure you'll become a part of our martial arts family for life!

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