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Martial Arts for Kids at South Sound Karate & Martial Arts of Lacey offers a Healthy Lifestyle and Life Saving Self-Defense skills that will last a lifetime!

Martials arts training for kids is more than jumping, punching and kicking. It's about learning self-control and self-discipline, gaining confidence and self-esteem, and becoming physically fit and emotionally strong. The best part is that they are learning these valuable life skills in a safe and secure environment while having a great time. If you've been thinking about martial arts training for your child, call South Sound Karate & Martial Arts of Lacey to get them started today!

All Children Benefit from Martial Arts Training

At South Sound Karate & Martial Arts of Lacey we are ready to train your child. We have classes available for kids as young as 4 years old. Whether your child has prior experience or not, we have a program that is perfect. We keep your kids together with their peers so that they can feel comfortable and confident while they are learning.

Our classes follow a specially developled practical format that will help your child get the very most out of each and every session:

1. Energizing warm-ups to get them pumped and ready.
2. Aerobic and anaerobic training will increase your child's physical fitness.
3. Practical self-defense skills will improve your child's confidence.
4. Training in life skills will provide a healthy foundation as your child grows.
5. Every class is a blast, and your child will be eager to return.

Valuable Skills for a Lifetime

It's no secret that bullying is a serious problem, even as young as elementary school. Martial arts training will not only give kids the skills they need to protect themselves; they also gain the confidence and self-respect that will make them less appealing targets for bullies. In most cases, kids will never need to use these skills; just knowing that they have the skills is all it takes to empower them.

Additionally, kids learn that getting fit and being healthy is actually fun. As a parent, this is truly one of the best gifts you can provide your child that will instill healthy habits and a winning attitude that will follow them the rest of their lives.

Tons of Fun Programs & Events

In addition to our regular classes, we also offer a number of exciting extras that your entire family will love. We offer fun holiday parties, buddy nights, movie nights and parents' night out in addition to tournaments and competitions. You can also schedule your child's next birthday party here at South Sound Karate & Martial Arts of Lacey for a unique and exciting party your child will never forget.

Our Staff is Absolutely Incredible!

Every instructor here at South Sound Karate & Martial Arts of Lacey is a fully trained martial arts professional who is excited to be teaching and helping your child. We provide everything your child needs to be successful, and we teach your child in a safe and age-appropriate manner. We want your child to achieve success in the martial arts, and we will do what it takes to make sure that happens.

Empower Your Child with Martial Arts

What goals do you and your child have? Do you want to train for competition? Would you like to earn that black belt? Do you want your child to learn self-defense for protection? Does your child need to develop the self-confidence needed to succeed in life and resist peer pressure? Call us at 360-459-8333 and take advantage of our free trial lesson to find out if martial arts training is right for your child. Parents find that kids who train at South Sound Karate & Martial Arts of Lacey improve every aspect of their lives from home to school and even social skills. Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime and call today.


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